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Activated Charcoal For Dog Tummy Troubles

On no. I Can't Believe He Ate That Again.

It seems like lately that I’ve been talking about Rex, our farm dog. He is a pretty amazing eight almost nine year old dog. In his prime, he could run up to 40 mph along the side of our ranger. He would run for miles racing us to the next field.

As you probably figured out, he survived the tornado on our family farm. Still to this day, we are bewildered on how he survived without a scratch. While the farm was being rebuilt, Rex would spend his days at the farm eating and chewing on God knows what and then he would sleep in our house at night. Whatever he ate would cause him tummy troubles. There were quite a few nights where we thought that he was dying by his body shakes, tremors, and limp body. Then we would rush off to the Vet the next morning where Rex would then be fine.

I realized during those episodes that Rex must have consumed something he shouldn’t have at the farm. Out of complete desperation, I gave him an activated charcoal pill in some cheese. Yes, even feeling sick Rex would still muster up the energy to consume cheese. Activated charcoal has been used for centuries to help with accidental poisonings, removal of toxins, diarrhea and even with overconsumption of alcohol in humans.

Activated charcoal is an alternative treatment used to absorb or soak up unwanted toxins and then the body flushes out the activated charcoal with those toxins. Of course, this isn’t the same charcoal that your dad used to grill with. Activated charcoal is made from porous coconut shells. It contains small chambers that “capture” the unwanted material in the body. I have used the Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal on myself when I’ve had food positioning, detoxing, and sometimes when I’ve had the flu. Thus, I would give Rex (100 lbs) one capsule of activated charcoal every four hours while he was sick.

Please note that the best solution if your pet is feeling ill is to take them to the vet immediately. But, if you were in a bind like us on the farm, activated charcoal helped Rex get through some rough nights. Be warned. Your dog’s poop may be black from the activated charcoal for several days.

DISCLAIMER: This information should not be considered to be healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, or treatment. This information is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professionals. Always consult a healthcare professional first before trying any herbs and spices mentioned in this posting.

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