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Fight A Cold or Flu With This D.I.Y. Drink!

You are feeling sick with a virus and you don’t feel the best. You are a fan of natural remedies to increase your immunity and fight off the virus, but you don’t know what to try first. You are in luck. There are quite a few “do it yourself” natural herbs, spices, vitamins, minerals, and foods remedies for your cold, flu, and/or viral infection.

When you starting feeling sick, the first line of defense in my house is to start drinking my favorite immunity building drink. The drink contains three out of the four of my favorite vitamins, minerals, and foods for a cold or flu. It is quick and simple to make.


1. Ester-C (Vitamin C): Vitamin C can reduce the symptoms of a cold by one to one and half days.

2. Silver or Colloidal Hydrosol: Colloidal Silver can make antibiotics more effective along with fighting off a cold or flu virus.

3. Zinc: Using Zinc can decrease in the duration of symptoms of the common cold.


Mix the ingredients together and drink. If you dislike the taste of Zinc, using a straw is helpful to overcome this. You can click on the ingredients above to see the brands that I use. You can drink this up to three times a day while feeling under the weather. For immunity maintenance, drink once a day.

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If you are interested in learning more about how nine herb, minerals, vitamins, and minerals can fight off the colds and flus and the research behind them, see Nine Natural Remedies To Fight A Viral Infection or check out

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