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So How Much Of A Herb or Spice Can I Give My Pet?

Have you wondered how to incorporate more herbs and spices in your pet’s life? Maybe your friends have told you how their dogs or cats are feeling better after they gave them a certain herb? Giving herbs and spices to animals can be tricky; yet, can be rewarding.

One of the most questions that I get on social media, messaged, or emailed to me is this one question. How much of a certain herb or spice can I give safely to my pet? So, I’ve found in my stacks of herbal notebooks this simple handwritten table. Although every animal is different just their human companions, this simple chart gives you a basic starting point:

Many people will start out very low doses with herbs and spices in their pet’s food and slowly increase the amounts. Some will add the herbs and spices to their pet’s favorite foods. For us, Rex and Maisy like cheese. It doesn’t matter what kind. Others have mentioned they have used peanut butter and applesauce. Just remember that herbs and spices can be considered both medicine and food. Your animal can have food allergies and reactions to them. Plus, it usually takes about four to six weeks of using herbs and spices to potentially see a difference in your animals. Hey, sometimes nature takes it sweet time.

I apologize to the original creator of the table for not being able to give them credit or source them. I usually source my notes. Please remember that the information in this blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness, or symptoms. The purpose of this blog is only to address if you are considering adding herbs and spices like any plant food into your pet’s diet as a dietary supplement. Always consult a vet or healthcare provider first if you are considering adding anything into your pet’s diet that is different than what your pet is used to digesting or to see how it may react to any prescribed medicine your pet may be taking. Above all, please do not give any herbs and spices in medicinal doses if your pet is pregnant or breastfeeding.

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