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Turmeric For Pain Relief

The New "Super Spice" For Pain.

Ok, why is a farmwife talking about a yellow staining type of spice that calls its home in India and Asia? I know. I know. It doesn’t grow in Nebraska. Well, herbs and spices work hand and hand so there is no boundaries to our conversation. My mother-in-law mentioned that my brother-in-law saw reduction in his body pain after he started taking a turmeric capsule daily and maybe she should give it a try. Of course, I informed my mother-in-law that I have a blend of Turmeric and Ginger in my cabinet already for me to make some capsules for her.

Why Turmeric? Turmeric is known as the super spice in the integrated medicine world for its vast abilities to heal in a variety of areas. Whether it is from alternative medicine folklore to research studies, Turmeric has been touted to help in the areas of anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antiseptic, and anti-depressant, and much more! That’s a lot of “anti-“! It seems like everyday someone is stating that Turmeric is the newest “health cure-all craze” just like Vitamin D and Magnesium were just a few years ago. But, my gut tells me that this one may be true. Turmeric has health benefits ranging from aiding with gastrointestinal issues, menstrual issues, cancer prevention, heart disease, brain health, to even detoxification of the body.

With so many things Turmeric can offer for your body, what should we focus on? Let’s focus on its ability for pain management. Research studies tend to focus on the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of its main component of Curcumin. Several research studies have shown that Turmeric lowers levels of chronic inflammation; which many times can cause pain. In certain integrated medicine circles, Turmeric is said to have the same strength to many pharmaceutical options for reducing inflammation. Since Turmeric is natural and not a synthetic ingredient like many of the pharmaceutical drugs you may be taking, your body’s own digestive system may be able to digest it better. Turmeric is often suggested for reduction of muscle pain, gout, and arthritic pain. Turmeric is now being taken to help treat osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis.

With my own back pain resulting from a car accident, I pop a Ginger/Turmeric pill in my mouth after I exercise to relieve the pain. I find that it does not help immediately but overall I see a pain difference during the day. Since Chris Pratt socially made it acceptable to talk about poop in public thanks to his MTV award acceptance speech, I will tell you that you may notice your poop turning a slightly yellowish color. That is ok. But, if you are ever concerned about the color of your bowel movements, I always recommend talking with a doctor about it.

Turmeric is known as both a medicinal and a culinary spice. If you don’t want to take a capsule or tablet of Turmeric, you may want to try this heavy spice in your cooking. Many people use Turmeric in their curry seasoning; but this farm family would reject that option immediately because it isn’t meat and potatoes. So, I add Turmeric into their dishes by adding it to rice, eggs, and even our home grown favorite vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower!

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